• Building a Foundation
    Sonima Foundation programs help students become active participants in the health and wellness of their schools and communities.  Donate Now
  • Building a Foundation
    Students learn to focus their attention, calm their minds, reduce stress, and think before reacting.Donate Now
  • Building a Foundation
    Sonima Health and Wellness curriculum educates students on the importance of healthy eating & proper nutrition.Donate Now

The Sonima Foundation

Empowering children and adolescents to lead healthy, happy,
and productive lives.

The Sonima Foundation offers dynamic health and wellness programs to schools and communities. Founded in 2011, the organization serves over 46,000 children grades K-12 across 89 schools in California, Florida, New York, and Texas.


Sonima Health and Wellness curriculum provides children with skills that have been shown to minimize stress, lower incidences of bullying and violence, and improve school attendance and academic performance. Programmatic offerings consist of: best practices in health and wellness, including yoga based exercises; mindfulness practices; and nutrition education.


The Sonima Foundation supports parents, educators, and community leaders who work to provide children with the tools they need to successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities of an uncertain future. The organization partners with educators to deliver cost effective health and wellness programs designed to provide students with techniques, habits, and training for lifelong health and wellness.


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September 30, 2015


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June 18, 2015

Deepak Chopra
Sonima Foundation Board Member

“The same wisdom principle, that in helping others we help ourselves, could change the world. That’s why I feel so dedicated to the Sonima Foundation, because they have taken an idea close to my heart — the wellbeing of children — and expanded it. Through a groundbreaking health and wellness program, the foundation is creating the leaders of the future who will be healthy in body, mind, and spirit.”